Can you paint ballet dancers and be taken seriously? - Jonathan Stone
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Can you paint ballet dancers and be taken seriously?

Can you paint ballet dancers and be taken seriously?

Modern art is full of “isms” such as Conceptualism, Dadism, Kineticism, Minimalism,  Surealism, Sensationalism and array of schools of art that came from 20th century ingenuity. The only downside to that flurry of creativity was a disdain for representational art. Modern art is characterized by the depiction of abstraction, pop, performance, found objects and shocking topics.  Depiction of the human form and realism was generally frowned upon until recently.   Lucian Freud was really not that well recognized until recently either.

God forbid you should paint a “pretty” subject.  Anything attractive smacks of the Academie des Beaux-Arts and the folks that gave the impressionists such a hard time.    They were they guys that painted stuff that would look good over your couch.  Every since it is has been very hard for artists to intentionally or unintentionally depict an attractive or pretty subject.

Well I am not one to be confined to such a straight jacket.  I am starting a series of paintings of ballet dancers.   Pretty and figurative.   Will anyone take my art seriously?  Here is a study to see what happens.

I think great art is about expression.   A unique approach.  A command of line, color, shape and value.  Not the restrictions of modern art.  Wish me luck on this endeavor.

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