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  • #mydreambackyard by June 11, 2017
    #mydreambackyard by Fluid Dynamics Pool and Spa Inc. Fullerton, CA, US 92838 · 20 photos Traditional Pool with Fireplace http://www.fluiddynamicspools.com
  • Wild Hog brand metal May 29, 2017
    Wild Hog brand metal deck railing installed on a deck in Kachina Village near Flagstaff Arizona. The railing consists of black painted welded wire on a 4 inch by 4 inch grid.

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Is it cheating to use a camera?

I am trained in some of the classical methods of drawing and painting.  The atelier schools of figurative art and the plein aire schools of landscape painting emphasize the importance painting live.  In fact using a camera to work from is frowned upon.  It is seen as cheating. Clearly their are limitations to using a
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Can you paint ballet dancers and be taken seriously?

Modern art is full of “isms” such as Conceptualism, Dadism, Kineticism, Minimalism,  Surealism, Sensationalism and array of schools of art that came from 20th century ingenuity. The only downside to that flurry of creativity was a disdain for representational art. Modern art is characterized by the depiction of abstraction, pop, performance, found objects and shocking
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Global Water Dances Nashville

Global Water Dances is a world event first launched in June 2011. In 2013 the second global performance included Nashville Tennessee as well. My wife, Mary Stone was the Choreographer, Producer and a dancer at the event.   I helped with the logistics and did the videography. On a single day, a series of dances centered
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Can a representational landscape be original?

I am adding a few paintings to my series of landscapes.   I have always loved the outdoors and the hills of Tennessee. Perhaps my landscapes don’t have the avant garde edge of my figurative paintings.  Does that make these paintings any less creative?

Jonathan Stone Featured in Nashville Arts Magazine

I was delighted with the coverage provided by MiChelle Jones in Nashville arts magazine. She captured some great quotes and her observations were really good.  Here are some highlights…