Statement - Jonathan Stone
  • #mydreambackyard by June 11, 2017
    #mydreambackyard by Fluid Dynamics Pool and Spa Inc. Fullerton, CA, US 92838 · 20 photos Traditional Pool with Fireplace
  • Wild Hog brand metal May 29, 2017
    Wild Hog brand metal deck railing installed on a deck in Kachina Village near Flagstaff Arizona. The railing consists of black painted welded wire on a 4 inch by 4 inch grid.


Photo by John Partapillo 2016 Photo by John Partapillo 2016

Good abstraction is based on nature.  Nature is a limitless source of subtle and intriguing messages.  We are part of that world.

The human body is a powerful language of line and shape. When I view a person I discover a story which I record in the vocabulary of paint. Bold color conveys an energy that words can’t express.  I try to capture the shapes and forms of the figure, our world and invisible realities.

Those are rare moments of intuition.  Moments that are fleeting and priceless.   Our world and our bodies have ancient origins but our consciousness is now.  The meaning of my art is determined at the time it is created. In order to join past and present, substance and impression, I hope to interpret who we are and what we are becoming.

I see a connection between the moment captured in expressionist painting and the way a person in a certain pose can capture a moment in time. They both have a fleeting quality that fascinates me. Perhaps that is a picture of life.