Time to Take a Risk - New Painting Series
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Time to take a risk

Time to take a risk

Each time I start a new series of paintings it makes me nervous. If you have ever painted a painting, started learning an instrument or started a new job, you know what its like. I am putting my soul and self out there for the first time.

Will anyone like this?

Is it good enough?

Am I taking my work to the next level?

These are the kind of questions that can freeze you in place.   It is like your very existence, your future, your legacy are on the line.   I often wonder where that hesitance and trepidation comes from?   What is it about risk taking that threatens our existence?  Is it primordial, existential, spiritual, religious?

I wish I could live by the great advice an art teacher once gave me.

Don’t think of your art as a precious object.

Easier said than done.   So here is my next step into the void.  A series of ballet dancers that some might find trite or too sentimental.  Perhaps my paintings are too “pretty” to be considered serious?  These doubts could bury you.

Well, I am going to own it.  These paintings are about dance and dancers.  A beautiful under-valued art form, the step-child of the arts, some say.  Fleeting. Temporary.  Momentary.  And also a part of my daily life with a wife and a daughter who participate in dance every day.

Composition is job one for me.  Color must sing.  Respect for the human form.   Always intuition and expression.

This is just an unsigned study.  In its final form this one will be 6 feet tall.

You gotta own it.