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  • #mydreambackyard by June 11, 2017
    #mydreambackyard by Fluid Dynamics Pool and Spa Inc. Fullerton, CA, US 92838 · 20 photos Traditional Pool with Fireplace
  • Wild Hog brand metal May 29, 2017
    Wild Hog brand metal deck railing installed on a deck in Kachina Village near Flagstaff Arizona. The railing consists of black painted welded wire on a 4 inch by 4 inch grid.

Twyla Tharp is quoted as saying “Dance is the stepchild of the Arts”. Dance is fleeting and ephemeral, deeply human and compelling.

In this series I am featuring dancers from the Nashville performing arts scene. I want to capture moments of impulse and passion.

And honor their extraordinary discipline and artistic achievement.

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For the “Past and Moment” exhibition I am creating a series of life size and larger than life size paintings that are appropriate for public exhibitions. This large size is reminiscent of large scale renaissance paintings.

Paradoxically this large scale allows you to use the big bold brush strokes and “painting from the shoulder” that is common in many abstract expressionist paintings. The paintings in this gallery are examples of large sales works in this series.

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The human figure is a powerful vehicle for the revelation of psychological energies and atmospheres. Each work is a record of my perception of the subject and the moment. My paintings are intended to communicate the immediate in a timeless language of the human form.

The human body contains a powerful language of line and shape. When I view the model I discover a story which I record in the vocabulary of paint. The contours are a combination of my lines and those of the model. I capture the shapes and forms of the figure and invisible realities.

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In this series I seek to show the figure in it purest form. By using a neutral pallet I choose to capture line, form, figure without distractions.

I see an correlation between the moment captured in expressionist painting and the way a figure in the right pose can capture a moment in time. They both have a fleeting quality the fascinates me. Perhaps that is a picture of life.

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Drawing is a meditation and contemplation. I loose myself in the envelope of the form and the direction of the line. It is the foundation of my work. I go there to learn composition and value, the basis of painting. These are not my finished works but an important part of my creative process.

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The drama and play of light and dark can focus a luminous moment. Charcoal is wonderfully messy and allows me to draw with my fingers. It is full of wonderful accidents that capture gravity and texture in a moment in time.

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There is a mystery to a likeness. What is that makes a person unique? Is a painting a record of that uniqueness, or something more or other? I hope to retain that uniqueness but express that same energy I try to put in all my work.

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