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Candice, pencil, 14 x 17"

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At one point in time, I went to school to be a therapist. I still love reading about neuroscience and am constantly downloading new information about the subject whether from Audible or a medical journal. I have always been interested in how the mind works and the effect tha humans have on each other. For example, the way that someone carries themselves can significantly transform the dynamic in a room. We all know this feeling from being in an important meeting or seeing a loved one for the first time frm across the room. 

The power of Candice, the model captured in this drawing, could change the energy around her. Physically fit, lean, and expressive, a lot of her confidence came from liking the way she looked. However, it is her presence and ability to totally settle into poses that was most striking to me. Both gravity and being at ease in her own skin give the portrait weight. I wanted to capture her nonchalance which reminded me of how athletes, even when at rest, still have a certain power.

The subtle angle of Candice’s head is another non-verbal cue that something more is going on. Perhaps she is looking at someone she fancies or is imagining what it will be like to see them. The reason isn’t clear because I enjoy creating ambiguity. As a contrast to the expressiveness of her face, I left her leg undone so it moved your eye up to the center of interest. I didn’t want her lower body to compete with the real narrative. Candice is proof that when a model is honest and un-selfconscious, they can set a story into motion with a simple look.